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Intime frontière


Intime frontiere est un projet photographique qui pose la question de la relation avec l'intimité lorsque le corps est un objet de fantasme. 

Strip-teaser, hermaphrodiste et transformiste mettent leurs corps au services du fantasme de l'autre et de soi.


Alors où se trouve la frontiere avec l’intime  lorsque notre corps n'est pas seulement le notre mais celui des autres?

We all know what streap tease, hermaphrodism or transformism is.

We all heard about it however just a few of us have really experienced it.
This photographic project aims to represent three worlds which are unknown from the public where the body plays an important role.
Indeed this people use their bodies to express themselves and each of them in a different way.

The body can be represented as a medium

Therefore, where are the boundaries between the body and intimacy when the body is a representational object?